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Internet Security Threats You Have To Be Aware Of

Cyber security is now considered to be the third biggest possible hazardous condition for a business. It is right after natural catastrophes. The number of web attacks that happen every single day is practically impossible to figure out. The number is surely much higher than what anyone expects.

According to web experts, like James Scott ICIT, cyber threats are often dismissed because of the simple idea that “my business is too small”. We need to understand that there is no business that is large or small enough for it to be targeted by a dishonest hacker. Every single business owner and even personal user has to be aware of possible internet threats, including the really widespread ones mentioned below.

APT – Advanced Persistent Threats

These are malignant to the entire network industry as they linger for a long time and can be connected to some programs even for years. These programs are practically designed to laterally roam through operating software and rob databases. APT is usually fashioned to afflict many applications at once, like websites and emails. This is why it is always important to back up digital information. When infected, one of the fastest ways to remove the threat is to simply delete the operating system, format and then take advantage of the backup.

Weaponized AI

Artificial Intelligence is really good against many different unlawful activities. It can help secure businesses but cyber attackers did start using the technology for maleficent purposes. Weaponized artificial intelligence is rather new on the market but it is extremely damaging since it destroys instead of build. The only associated good news is that it is just the really good hackers that managed to incorporate artificial intelligence and they use it to embezzle just the large internet industries.


Every single internet user needs to be aware of phishing, which is practically an attempt to acquire usernames, credit card details and passwords. It works by concealing itself as reliable. In most situations we see a site that is copied and that is presented to a user. If that user enters sensitive details in the forms on the site, hackers get to see everything.

Phishing is particularly disastrous for the larger companies because access can be gained through the activities of an employee that is not aware of this threat. You want to be sure that you teach all employees about this threat. People should never click on links received from untrusted sources or through email. It is better to just go online and add the address to the browser manually.

Mobile Malware

The last really big internet security threat we need to think about is mobile malware. The huge problem with it is that people now usually think that mobile gadgets cannot actually be hacked. Some will even tell you that there is no such thing as a smartphone virus.

Mobile malware would be installed on the smartphone exactly as it would be installed on a personal computer. This includes keyloggers and Trojans. Always have security added to your mobile gadgets.

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