Is Genetics Connected to Creative Ability?

Being creative is not only limited to being artistic. It entails wisdom and intelligence to create something significant so science and technology also require creativity. Whenever we see new inventions and innovations, we become amazed at how such things can help us in our daily lives, so the minds that create such things are much more amazing.

Chess games can best express how creative a person is. Online casino games such as NJ Online Casinos can also stimulate creativity by allowing a person to think deeply of all the combinations and strategies that may be involved. Some computer games can also develop the creative minds of many young people.

Apparently, mind games are not the creations of this modern age. They have been around us since time immemorial. In other words, our creativity is not determined by our modern marvels as technology is determined by our creativity.

Because of creativity, our ancestors were able to invent tools that made them survive the harsh conditions of their time. Moreover, we have been able to evolve successfully and change the world in our favor. However, there is still an ongoing debate, whether creativity is genetic or environmental.

Today, we will go further into discussion about genetics being connected to creative ability.

Exploring the Genetic Rabbit Hole

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Some say that our mind is shaped by our environment. Others say that it’s our mind, which creates what our environment should be, and this means that creativity is inherent in us – it’s genetic.

Creativity and Genes

In a study made at the University of Helsinki and published by the National Health Institute, people were assessed according to their musical talent such as an ability to compose, to judge a pitch, arranging, and so on. In this study, it was found that those subjects from families with history of having skills and talent in music have some clusters of genes similar with other subjects with the same history.

Although there is still no single study that confirms the genetic origin of creativity, most studies provide clues that some people are born creative. The only question is to have a standard definition of creativity. According to Szabolcs Keri of the National Institute of Psychiatry and Addictions in Budapest, “Creativity is related to the connectivity of large-scale brain networks.”

This means that creativity covers a wide array of brain functions, which includes logic, imagination, and more. If that’s the case, the way we think is governed by the condition of our brains, which may have been developed by genetic factors.

Creativity and Environment

On the other hand, creativity can also be developed by the condition outside our brain. The way we think can also be influenced by external factors such as education, socialization, experience, and external pressures. This is evident in how every culture shapes their perception of reality.

Our evolution is said to be determined by the changes in the environment. In the Paleolithic Age, Homo-Sapiens were said to create hunting tools because they were in competition with other hunting creatures such as wild beasts. Those who settled in territories where animals were scarce began to think of ways to survive by thus inventing farming.

Final Thoughts

Whether or not creativity is determined by our genes, there really are people who were born creative. They might exhibit that creativity on canvas or as a Vegas plastic surgeon. Although the society exists based on the principle that all men are created equal, we cannot deny the fact that not all people who grew up equally in a similar environment parallel levels of intellect. Time and research will help us eventually get the answers we seek.

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