Is There Still Vacant Land For Sale in the US?

If your local town or city is anything to go by most of the US has now been developed, there’s chain restaurants, strip malls, and warehouses for online deliveries springing up everywhere. So is there any vacant land for sale? Whether you have plans to buy your own land to live on, or you want land for commercial usage, it can be hard to find vacant land in many areas of the US, particularly California, Florida and the Northeast. But actually there is still a lot of vacant land available in the US, but how can you find it?

Finding Vacant Land For Sale

Online land brokers and country acreage agents list land and vacant properties throughout the US that is readily available. This can vary from virgin forest and plains land that has never been built on, to empty property plots in towns and cities. Some of it may be zoned for residential, other for commercial, or perhaps its been set aside as farming land or protected from building development.

Your first stop is to decide what you want to use the land for, will it be to build your dream house on it, or perhaps some hunting land with a camp, or a ranch, a farm, a hotel, restaurant, home, or warehousing unit. Ensure that the permits are already in place for using the land for these purposes, whether there is property built there or not, applying to re-zone land after you’ve bought it is a bad idea as there is a good chance this will taken many years if at all.

Land in the Countryside

If you are particularly looking for vacant land that is remote, has beautiful scenery, or perhaps is lakeside then this type of property is available. Some already have established dwellings, whereas others have a trapper shack, hunting cabin or no buildings whatsoever. Check what access is like to the land, is there a state-maintained road connecting it to state highways? Or is there a privately maintained gravel access road in poor repair that crosses land owned by other private landowners.

What about utilities? Is the land already connected to the electric grid, or to the water supply and telephone service, or will you need to use generators, dig a well and use cell service? These factors will affect the price of the property and help you decide if the piece of land is too remote for you or not. And what about local amenities like malls, food suppliers, building materials suppliers, schools, doctors, dentists, etc, without these close by your family may feel they are too far from civilization. They may not fancy living in Brown Town!

Commercial Land & Residential Plots in Urban Areas

Vacant commercial plots are more readily available that residential plots in urban areas because residential properties are easy to flip and make a profit on, whereas commercial areas can quickly become vacant. So choose the location wisely so your investment is sound.

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