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Locating a Good Eye Specialist in Fort Myers

If you live in Fort Myers or the surrounding area you could be looking for one of the best eye specialist in Fort Myers, so what should you be looking out for and what kind of services can you expect from an eye specialist?

Finding a Good Eye Specialist in Fort Myers

A good eye specialist will not only provide eye tests to provide you with a glasses prescription but also be able to provide several other services to help look after your eye health and also advise on the best products to meet your eye sight correction needs.

As well as regular eye exams to check that your eye glasses prescription is correct an eye specialist will check that your eye health is good by doing checks for retinal diseases, cataracts, glaucoma, and other eye diseases. These are all completed by carrying out specialist exams and scans. If your eye specialist has any concerns they may then refer you to a hospital or eye doctor to ensure that the issue is addressed and any preventative measures can be taken before the disease gets worse or spreads.

Buying Glasses at Your Opticians Office

A good eye specialist will also stock glasses frames so you can select, with their advice, glasses that suit your face shape, coloring and nose size. By ensuring you have glasses you feel good in will make sure that you wear your glasses when you should, and enjoy wearing them. This can be enhanced by buying designer frames. Many eye specialists are starting to retail frames from designers such as Gucci, Versace and Calvin Clein, so these are frames you can try on and pick from at your local eye specialist.

Your eye specialist will also help you choose the right lenses for you, perhaps with anti-sheen and anti-scratch coatings, lenses that transition to darker when in sunlight, or even sunglasses lenses so that you have sunglasses with your prescription in them.

Your eye specialist may have a lab onsite for making up your new glasses or them may send them away to a local technician’s lab to be made up ready for your to come and collect them from the clinic. When you do collect them your eye specialist will ensure they fit correctly, altering the nose and arms to ensure they sit in the right position on your face and don’t slip down during normal activity.

Getting Contact Lenses from Your Eye Specialist

Eye specialists will also now advise on contact lenses, and may be able to let you have a short term trial of them so you can decide if you want them long term. If you’ve never had lenses before then they will show you how to insert them and take them out, and also what sanitary and hygiene requirements are essential to maintaining eye health when using contact lenses. If you decide to have contact lenses long term then they can order in your correct prescription and have them delivered to your home.

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