Michael Volititch: The Social Reasons to Play Sports

The benefits you receive when you play sports are numerous and well-documented. Sports is a physical activity and as a result you get all of the physical benefits that you do from every other exercise. This means that your muscles get toned and stronger allowing you to work more easily have less muscle related injuries and you look better. Sports also helps improve the health of your internal organs.

Your heart is a muscle that becomes stronger the more you engage in sports. When your heart is stronger it can pump blood throughout your body more easily and give the internal organs more life giving blood. Your body systems including your circulatory system, your digestive system, and even your neuromuscular system functions better when you are in better shape. For this reason Sports is very important.

Sports also has many mental benefits. When you engage in sports you become more focused and your level of both short and long-term concentration improves. Sports teach you patience and calm. Your level of stress plummets when you engage in sports. Those who do Sports regularly find that their hand eye coordination and mental sharpness improves immensely. These are all very important positive mental elements that occur when you undertake sports.

Playing Sports for Social Reasons

Sports also has a myriad of social reasons for you to engage in the activity. In fact some might say that depending on the sport the social benefits outweigh both the physical and the mental. Although many may debate about this, what is beyond debate is that people benefit greatly socially when they engage in sports. Here are some ways that they benefit socially from Sports.

Meet New Friends

Sports are a great activity for making new friends and meeting new people. Whether you play a solo sport like tennis, or a team sport like basketball or volleyball, it will involve you playing with and against new people. Those who enjoy playing sports like Michael Volitich know that some of the best relationships have been built on a sports court or field. These relationships get carried off the court and into the rest of your life.

People often think that the competition element of sports tends to limit your ability to make new friends. Actually the opposite is true, most people that participate in sports appreciate the hard work and practice that it takes in order to compete. When they see others going through the same things and making the same sacrifice, a level of respect is created that is a great foundation for friendship. Some of the greatest competitors on the field become some of the greatest friends off the field.

Eliminate Shyness

Many people who have issues with shyness find that they can eliminate these issues by playing sports. Sports forces you to be forthright and to be decisive about what you want and how. If you are Meek and sports, your meekness will contribute to your not doing very well. For this reason Sports is a great activity to help you become more forceful and more assertive. Many people report that this level of assertiveness translates into every other area of their lives and they become happier.


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