Michelle L Marquez – How to be a Great Friend

For some people it is how many friends that they have and for others it is how high quality those friends are. I have been very fortunate in my life to make some great friends, especially my best friend Michelle L Marquez who has been by my side for years. I met Michelle when we studied law together, bonding over stock fraud cases and arbitration studies, in truth we were talking about all manner of other things than the law, but this was at least what we appeared to be doing. Since those days Michelle has gone on to work in securities and my life took an altogether different path, nonetheless we are still great friends. I am truly blessed to have her in my life and I believe that she exemplifies what a great friend is. Surrounding yourself with great friends is so important to your happiness and here is what I think makes a great friend.




Michelle is someone who is always there for me whenever I need her, sometimes I don’t even know that I need someone until she is there! I believe that this is a trait which everyone should expect from their friends and whilst they do not necessarily need to be there in person when you need them, they should always be available at the other end of the phone.


Regular Contact


The notion that you can spend years apart and then have a catch up as if you had spent the whole time together is nonsense and both I and Michelle are big advocates of spending a lot of time together. Michelle understands that a friend should be involved in all aspects of your life and this is why regular conversations and actual involvement in the life of the other person are so important.


Adding Value


I have always believed that a friend should add value to your life and if they do not, they should be considered as an acquaintance rather than a close friend. Michelle is someone who really does add a great deal of value to my life and she is always looking for ways that she can be a better friend. I love having someone alongside me who wants the best for me, and Michelle is exactly that person.


Calling You Out


Something which Michelle always does is call me out when I am wrong or when I am not living my life in  the way that I want to deep down. I cannot stress just how important an attribute this is in a friend and if the truth be told, we all need someone like that in our lives, who can keep us on the straight and narrow. A friend at times should essentially be an extension of yourself sometimes, and that is exactly what Michelle is for me.


It may be time to review your friends and see whether or not they are providing you with value.

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