National Debt Relief is a debt relieving company that lets a debtor avoid bankruptcy by the act of negotiating with his creditors for a debt settlement. The company also provides a debt-stricken person education and consultation of finances for helping prevent him from facing new substantial debt in the future.

The Debt Relieving Process:

The National Debt Relief company works with a strategic process of stopping all payments to the creditors and instead deposit a certain amount to the monthly payment fund to reach the target amount. The account/fund is FDIC secured and is kept separate from your other accounts.


After 3-6 months, the accounts are supposed to be charged off means that the creditor has considered your debt as a write off of tax.


The company then approaches your creditor(s) on your behalf providing evidence to them that you’re unable to make payments but can make settlements. The creditors make his own searches as well with other creditors of yours and when he comes to know the same for the other creditors, he has to believe that you’re unable to pay off the debt so he agrees to make settlements.


The company then make payments to the creditors from the fund according to the settlement made. The program lasts for two-4 years and the clients who successfully reach to a settlement save up to 30% even after paying the fees(20% from the amount recovered) to the National Debt Relief program.

Customer Profile:

A debtor must have an unsecured debt of 7500$ at least to qualify for assistance from the National Debt Relief program. The sources of debt include credit cards, personal loans, medical bills, departmental stores cards, collection accounts and credit unions.


The National Debt Relief can provide assistance to the secured and private student loans in some cases as well though the following cannot be catered: federal student loans, mortgages, child support, auto (vans, trucks, cars, motorcycles) loans, and personal loans from current account.


Also, the debtor must really not be able to meet his minimum payments or is about to.

The National Debt Relief services specially cater to those who are facing financial hardships as an outcome of unemployment, medical expenses, divorce, death in the family or alike types of income loss.


A debtor must remind himself before enrolling into the program that it’s a serious measure to his strict financial hardships that can be followed by lawsuits, additional collection charges and lower credit standings.

The Enrolment Process:

You can enrol by filling online form or talking with their certified debt counsellor.

The application form includes your basic information like name, contact number, email address and debt amount. From these, you’re enrolled in the plan and see what the program has to offer you.

How Does The Process work?

The company provides all possible financial assistance to a debtor including advice and securing your legal rights.


Also remember to keep a complete record of your documentation(copies of bills, statements and letters) with the creditors. It’s advised that a debtor involves all his creditors into the debt settlement process.

Why Count On NDR?

They’re certified by better business bureau with the A+ rating and 89% positive client ratings through the BBB. They’re also involved in wide charities.

They’re also a member of America Fair Credit Council.

They make sure that all your settlements are made under your legal rights.

They’re also going to ask for no fees until an outcome is acquired.

In short, getting assistance from the National Debt Relief gets you out of financial hardships. The very well rated experts of theirs advise you with the best possible ways to get rid of your debt.

If you think that they’re the best choice for you and consider counting on them, learn more about

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