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New Technique in Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery is performed on women who have large breasts and would like to make them smaller. These women may be uncomfortable with large breasts and may find it hard to perform some daily tasks without pain or discomfort. Women with large breasts may experience back and neck pain because of the excess weight in their breasts. However, a new technique in breast reduction surgery is making headlines. According to Dr. Ajaka, liposuction is the latest method used in this type of surgery.


Plastic surgeons have two options when it comes to breast reduction surgery. One way is to make an incision around the areola to remove fat, tissue and excess skin. The nipple may need to be repositioned or removed during the procedure. This surgery will require stitches and a surgical bra for support during the healing process. Pain is normal for the first few days, but the surgeon will prescribe medication. Swelling and bruising is also normal, but all of this decreases over a few weeks. Women can resume normal activities after three to four weeks, depending on the patient’s progress and the doctor’s orders. Visible scars are expected, but they may fade over time.


Fortunately, plastic surgeons have been using liposuction to reduce fat from large breasted women. The surgery is less painful and has minimal scarring. Patients are able to go back to work and resume normal activities after only a few days. The risk of complications and trauma to the breast tissue is decreased. This procedure is ideal for women who have more fat than tissue in their breasts. Since most tissue is not damaged during the liposuction procedure, the tissue stays flexible and allows the breasts to lift. This is good news for mothers who want to breastfeed in the future because the tissue that produces milk is safe from damage. Another advantage to this procedure is that the breasts keep the same shape and the nipple does not have to be repositioned or reshaped.


The traditional breast reduction surgery is ideal for candidates with extremely large breasts and who have excessive tissue. The liposuction surgery is good for women who want to reduce 20 to 50 percent fat volume from their breasts. Each patient is different, and the procedure will be decided based on his or her personal needs and health. Breast reduction surgery has helped many people feel physically and emotionally better about their health and their bodies.

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