Proactive Choices for an Active Lifestyle: Do These Now

We’re all doing a great job with taking proactive measures with our health. Younger generations are already showing a favoritism toward health-conscious eating. We’ve developed wonderful tools to aid treatment from the comfort of our home (using apps). Our general consumerism continues to pour into the health and exercise markets at incredible rates.

Is this enough, though?

It’s one thing to have all this information abundantly available – it’s another whether we put those suggestions into action. An action that’s needed considering our increasing waist sizes. Or, our longer lifespans from better conditions that are presenting a whole slew of new, health challenges.

Health and Security: Let’s Take Action

We’ve all become a bit OCD with our health – obsessively checking WebMD for any random feeling or mark that appears on our bodies. Oddly enough, those obsessive about their health (the frequent emergency room types) tend to fare better because they’re the first to act.

It’s time to be proactive.

It’s not only our health but also our personal safety. Our safety aligns with our well-being which reduces stress and… keeps us healthy (because we’re not injured).

What can we do to improve our health and safety?

1st: Securing the Domain

Living under constant stress is a killer – we can combat this with a combination of safety protocols and security resources:

·  Securing the home with ADT security systems

·  Avoiding troublesome locations during the off-hours

·  Paying attention to our surroundings (staying vigilante)

·  Taking self-defense classes to protect ourselves from harm

·  Upgrading service packages to have a safer vehicle

There’s a great set of products that’ll help keep the home locked down like with simple like deadbolts and others like video doorbells. Carrying pepper spray or taking a concealed firearms course to carry wouldn’t be too bad an option, either.

If you can protect your sell being – or just remove the stress – then you’re already leading a healthier lifestyle from a peace of mind (and staying out of dangerous situations).

2nd: Diet & Exercise

The Mayo Clinic recommends 75 -150 minutes of aerobic to vigorous activity each day if we want to stay in peak performance and prolong our life. This sounds like a lot but really, it’s a matter of staying active.

Fill out the day with these healthy routines:

·  Taking the stairs

·  Going on walks

·  Doing desk exercises

You burn off quite a few calories just doing housework. Add on a couple minutes of vigorous activity (they have 7-minute exercise apps for this) and you’re basically good to go.

Then, combine it with healthy eating (fewer sugars) and plenty of water. Find out your daily caloric value and keep it at (to stay healthy) or below (to lose weight) that mark.

3rd: Do What Feels Good

Body acceptance is the biggest shift we’ve gone through in recent years.

Hazing and bullying have always been two problematic issues for people attempting to get better or take proactive measures to improve their lives. Impossible body images were a constant if you tuned into any show or picked up a magazine.

Today, we’re comfortable with our bodies – and it’s for the best.

Without society pressures, we’re:

·  Learning and understanding our personal habits

·  Taking measures to improve mental health

·  Helping others achieve their lifestyle goals

We’re not conforming to this old standard – a “tough guy” mentality – that often resulted in increased aggression and favoritism. Two things that happen to improve our chances of self or external harm.

Proactive Choices for an Active Life

Labor trends are pushing us toward desk jobs. These jobs are relatively sedentary which wreaks havoc on our health (we’re meant to be moving). Plus, we’re using these positions to purchase big-ticket items that place targets on our homes.

What a double whammy, right?

Even more of a reason to get proactive with our well-being. Wouldn’t you agree? How would you make sure you’re safe and healthy?

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