Retailers: Here Are the Most Popular USPS Priority Mail Sizes for Holiday Shipping

Selecting USPS as the shipping provider for sending items to people in different parts of the United States is a good decision. While companies such as UPS and FedEx offer a fair amount of advantages to businesses, individuals cannot beat the services they are going to get from USPS. It is convenient, quick, efficient and very cheap. There is no better provider for sending one or two items a week than USPS. Here is a look at some of the advantages of USPS over their competitors.

The main advantage with USPS is the flat rate shipping service they offer. It is incomparable to any other service available in the United States. Where else are you going to get items delivered within a few days at a flat rate? Where else does price not get affected by the weight of an item? Only at USPS! Whether you are sending something as light as a pillow, or you are sending a laptop, if it fits in the large flat rate box, you will pay the same shipping cost for both items.

What Are The Different USPS Priority Mail Sizes?

The flat rate service is a two-day Priority Mail service, which means items are delivered within one to three days on average. If you are sending something to a nearby city or town, it may get delivered in a day. But most items take two days, with a few destinations needing three days for delivery. If you are worried about when those items are going to get delivered, you should go online and use the shipping calculator to check the dates. You can enter the date you will send the item, and you will get a list of the different shipping services from USPS and how long each service takes to get the item delivered. The price of each service is also listed.

USPS Priority Mail Sizes

If you select Priority Mail flat rate shipping for the items you want to send, you may want to know the three box sizes. You can select from the small, medium and large flat rate boxes, along with the envelopes. These envelopes are decent for sending stacks of paper, but you do not want to send items through the envelopes, because they do not have enough protection to ensure your item will survive the transit.

The small box is a good for tiny items, such as cell phones or their charges. You can even send a small book with this box. But the medium and large boxes are needed if you want to send big items or multiple items to one person. The great thing is the fact that the prices for these boxes are not too different from the small box. So if you want to send items through USPS, you should choose a box big enough to fit the items. Do not waste your time trying to squeeze items into a smaller box size, because the price difference between the boxes is so minimal.

Don’t forget to optimize your shipping along the way. Getting packages out to your customers at the lowest rate is always beneficial to your bottom line. Along the way, make sure that you take a look at an automated shipping software solution that can help streamline the fulfillment process. Many of these newer solutions also come with live rate comparison tools as well as built-in USPS discounts that can save you time and money.

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