Roger Olade – Why You Have to Drink More Water

I have never been someone who was very good at drinking the recommended daily amount of water, and in truth I never really thought much of it. When I decided to go and see my Dr Roger Olade a couple of years ago with a little bit of back pain, he asked me how much water I consumed, and then proceeded to get a little angry when I told him around a liter per day. Dr. Olade then shocked the bones off me with his tales of his time in internal medicine, treating a range of disorders and disease, which had been caused by dehydration. I decided to heed the doc’s advice and begin drinking more water and my goodness what a difference it has made.


Organ Function


As it turns out the lack of water which I was taking on each day meant that my kidneys and my liver had to work much harder and that back pain which I thought was muscular, was actually internal and it was my kidneys crying out for help. As you can imagine this scared the life out of me and just a couple of weeks after taking on more water the pain really subsided.




I have never been a vain person but getting older and the effects which it had on my skin did get me down from time to time. A beautiful side effect of my drinking more water was that my skin looked great, no longer did I have bags under my eyes, my skin was glowing and the wrinkles reduced massively.


Brain Power


During my dressing down with my doctor here in Texas, Dr. Olade told me about the many benefits of consuming water and avoiding dehydration and one of those was increased brain function. I really took this with a pinch of salt when he told me but I was so shocked to see it come true after just a month of drinking more water. Not only was my brain firing quicker, I felt significantly less stressed and way more organized than I ever had before.


Energy Levels


After just a couple of days of increasing my water intake I felt much more energy throughout the day, especially in the mid-afternoon when usually I would feel pretty tired at work. Here in Texas we often have days where the heat is searing and I now know that I was getting dehydrated quickly and that was sapping my body of energy. After upping my water levels this changed radically and I have way more energy than I ever had before.


Men should be consuming between 3-4 liters of water per day and women should be looking to drink between 2-3 liters of water daily. Beyond this you need to watch out for drinks which will dehydrate you such as coffee and alcohol. If you do consume these drinks then you’ll have to take on even more water to offset it and to enjoy the benefits of being hydrated.

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