Safety Tips For Active Seniors

As we get older, we also get more injury prone. And with declining balance and motor skills, and often our hearing and vision worsening, our best course of action is to take great care. This often includes better care on our every day activities, and the regular habits we have performed all of our adult lives. According to the Centers for Disease Control, a person 65 or older dies from a fall every 20 minutes in the U.S. These safety tips can help protect you from harm while you engage in your daily activities.

Be Extra Cautious When Exercising
As a senior, if it is possible for you to maintain regular exercise, you definitely should. However, physical exercise is often difficult or even impossible for seniors, because of chronic health or limited mobility issues. And the stress of exercise can make some health conditions worse. So please take into consideration your own health status when you exercise. And consult your doctor before you start a new program or change the one in which you are currently engaged.

If you are an otherwise healthy older adult, here are some exercise safety tips:

  • Warm up at least 15 minutes before you start any exercise.

  • Use low intensity and if you do strength training, use lighter weights or resistance exercises.

  • Plan breaks in your workout and pay attention to your breathing and pulse.

  • Invest in one of the new fitness bands or phone exercise apps that monitor your pulse and exertion rate.

  • Drink plenty of water before, during and after your workout.

  • When jogging, avoid hills, look out for uneven sidewalks and do not play loud music in headphones that inhibit your ability to hear what is happening around you.

  • For those with limited mobility or illness, swimming or water exercises are an excellent choice.

Be Prepared When Outdoors
The outdoors can offer great times but can also present harmful situations for seniors:

  • Protect your scalp and other exposed areas from the Sun. Wear sun screen and a hat if you will spend prolonged periods in the Sun.

  • Cotton and other natural fibers breathe and help on hot days when overheating is a concern.

  • Vision loss is common as we age. Sun exposure can cause more damage, so wear sunglasses.

Senior Proof Your Home
Seniors suffer the most accidents in their homes, so it is important to protect yourself there.

  • Tape down carpets and area rugs and discard any frayed ones that might cause you to trip.

  • Get automatic lighting that illuminates dark areas when you walk by and shuts off on a timer.

  • If you have pets, keep feeding bowls in a corner to avoid tripping over them.

  • Most falls in the home occur in the kitchen or bathroom. Use non-stick mats and install grip rails in the bathtub or shower and next to the toilet.

  • Avoid going into any cluttered rooms like a garage or storage room.

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