Scott Beale Aviation on the Various Business Opportunities in the Industry

Scott Beale is the owner and founder of Scott Beale Aviation and of Tempus Applied Solutions. He has a professional role in aviation, not as a pilot but rather as a business developer. Aviation management and other such jobs were once reserved only for a very small group of people, and Scott Beale managed to get into that. Today, however, it is much easier to become involved in the business side of the aviation industry.

Scott Beale Aviation on Business Opportunities in Aviation

Aviation management jobs are available in flight schools, air charter companies, aerospace companies, airports, and airlines. Governments, air traffic control towers, airport security, and airport administration are other locations where Tempus Applied Solutions has a presence. Management duties include such things as staffing and human resources, managing budgets, marketing, sales, and more.

Jobs and Education in Aviation Management

When Scott Beale Aviation first launched, managers in this field didn’t have specific experience or an education relating to management. Rather, they started at the bottom of the ladder, working their way up. However, it quickly became apparent that not everybody is cut out to be a manager. A short while ago, therefore, aviation management degrees started to get offered by different universities. Those degrees offer people the opportunity to go straight into management, focusing on areas such as maintenance, flight operations, human resources, sales and marketing, finance, and so on.

How to Be Successful

Scott Beale does believe not everybody can make it in the world of aviation management. In fact, he feels it requires a special kind of person who meets a number of specific personality traits and characteristics. Some of those include:

  • To have a lot of patience. Nowhere is patience a greater virtue than in aviation.
  • To be persistent. The world of aviation management is still changing and there is still some resistance to those who have not climbed the ladder.
  • To have strong work ethics and demonstrate that you are happy to do all you can.
  • To be able to anticipate issues before they appear.
  • To be personable, having a trustworthy demeanor that encourages others to cooperate.
  • To be able to influence others, encouraging others to be fully involved.
  • To be intelligent, as an aviation manager must always know what they are supposed to do and when.

Why Work in Aviation Management

It is difficult to really work your way up in the world of aviation management. Indeed, many people take years to achieve it, but it those are years well-spent. You must be smart and you must be tough, and, in return, you will get some significant rewards. This isn’t just about the financial remuneration, although that is substantial. It is equally about the pride you can feel in your accomplishments and achievements, and in what you make possible in the world.

For Scott Beale aviation is the most interesting industry in the world and he would encourage anyone to become involved in it if they can.

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