Stephen Varanko III – Ways In Which You Can Become Digital Nomad

The lifestyle of a digital nomad is one which attracts many people and in this modern age it is very easy to see why. Digital nomadism is on the rise and there are now literally thousands of people out there like myself and my friend Stephen Varanko III, who are making a living online whilst enjoying the fact that they are location independent. During my time trying to make it online I have tried many different ways of earning money and I wanted to share them with you so that you can see how one can make a living online.




Regardless of how you intend to make money online I would always recommend that you have your own blog. Whether you use this for creative of business purposes, running a blog offers you a great many benefits that can help you with this lifestyle. If the blog is popular enough then you could make money from it or even get free stuff and free accommodation from writing reviews. Your blog can be your shop window and it can greatly help you to make contacts.




Most people get into digital nomadism by first carrying out content writing jobs, something that I would certainly recommend. There are hundreds of thousands of websites out there are a great many of the owners of these sites are happy to pay people to write content. When trying to find jobs you should be cold emailing owners of blogs and webzines, checking out positions on freelancer sites such as Upwork and even contacting digital marketing companies who may require content.


Drop Shipping


If you can get the set up of your online store and your suppliers right, drop shipping could prove to be a very profitable way in which to make money. I have met many digital nomads who run drop shipping businesses and they do very well from them. The idea of drop shipping is that you have an online store, people order from it, the order is actually placed with a 3rd party supplier who deliver the products, you pay the online supplier and then take the profit. This hands off operation requires no physical handling of stock which is why digital nomads love this kind of business.


Freelance Gigs


Beyond writing you can also find a number of freelance gigs online which may be perfect for your set of skills. There are all kinds of positions out there from virtual assistants, email handlers, social media management and even graphic and web design. Prior to committing to this lifestyle take a look at what the most sought after positions are, and try to brush up your skills in order to be able to perform them well.


They key is to have a number of revenue streams so that you can be sure that money is always coming in.

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