Support for Unsung Heroes

It is common knowledge that long-range truckers have long been America’s unsung heroes. They take on a long, physically demanding job to keep both the economy chugging along and consumers having convenient lives. Petroleum Wholesale LP has been supporting these long-distance warriors on their exhausting trips with its smattering of gas stations and convenience stores spread out throughout the United States of America. These convenient gas stations make sure that no truck driver would be unable to find rest, fuel or gifts to bring back home during their long-haul voyages. Indeed, finding a Petroleum Wholesale LP gas station with a Sunmart convenience store while doing long distance driving is like finding an oasis in the middle of a blazing, unforgiving desert.


Sunmart Keeps Things Bright and Fresh

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, with 88 stores in nine states (Arizona, California, Colorado, Kansas, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah and Wyoming), Petroleum Wholesale LP also operates convenience stores called Sunmart which stock refreshments various foods and drinks as well as other basic necessities any trucker might need on his long journey. At Sunmart, truckers could also not just fuel up, but they can also take advantage of the parking lots that are big enough for oil rigs. The Sunmart chain also has its own Elite Cigar stores, complete with humidors, smoking areas and various offerings of fine wines, which would make excellent souvenirs or also be good enough to be enjoyed immediately. Indeed, the chain also throws wine-tasting and cigar events every few months to help keep customers stay up-to-date with the latest trends and offerings.


Petroleum Wholesale’s Background

Petroleum Wholesale LP got its start as a small family-owned business that has morphed into a giant distributor of branded and wholesale gasoline, as well as diesel and lubricants. It has also branched out into fuel transportation services and truck stops operations. Fast-forward to the present day, Petroleum Wholesale now has more than two hundred retail locations in nine states in America. It is now on its way to gaining more recognition for its various services and products as it looks to expand some more and open more branches and if opportunities present themselves, even add more products and services.


Petroleum Wholesale Supports Families

Due to its traditional family business background, Petroleum Wholesale LP has kept its friendly, down-to-earth, family-focused service for both its employees as well as its customers. With today’s store size that range from one thousand to two thousand and five hundred square feet, customers, whether long-haul truckers of families on road trips, can be sure to find whatever they need while stopping by one of its Sunmart convenience stores. Petroleum Wholesale LP always strives to provide good service and convenience to customers and is continuing to try to expand to more states to reach and serve even more people. Based on how things are looking now, it is safe to say that Petroleum Wholesale LP will play a big part in powering the future for more years to come.


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