Sustainable Clothing Brands To Be Watching Out For In 2021

We are out of the lockdown and it’s time to get out of our full tracksuits and get into something a little more stylish for seeing our friends and family. With the ever-growing trend of conscious shoppers, brands are now going for more sustainable and ethical methods of doing business. It’s clear to see that there is a huge demand for the eradication of fast fashion. Demand for more sustainable clothing brands is high and the need for good quality clothing that will last without harming the planet is ever-growing. There is an abundance of women’s sustainable clothing brands which are doing very well to change the culture of fashion but when it comes to shopping for men, it’s a little bit more difficult. They either look super eco and not fashionable or they are fashionable but they aren’t as sustainable as you may think. So in this article, we will go through some truly ethical and sustainable brands that won’t give away you’re an eco-warrior.

Organic Basics

Organic basics are perfect for your everyday essentials, they provide an entire range of sustainable clothing from underwear and tee’s to denim and activewear, they really do sell everything you need for a basic sustainable wardrobe which is all fantastic quality, durable and sustainable.


Organic Basics use 100% GOTS certified organic cotton which is sourced from Europe which is also where the clothing is made. They also use nylon and TENCEL. Some of their Silver Tech active tees are also made from these materials with the extent of some added sustainably sourced silver. The brand has been rated safe by EPA, Reach Act-compliant and Oeko-Tex 100-certified. They use silver in their products for several reasons, firstly, it has anti-odour properties, it helps to regulate heat, and it also adds to the durability of the clothing.

Green Business Practices:

Organic Basics are going 100% carbon neutral with their worldwide shipping. This is done by purchasing carbon offset through Choooose. This helps to fund the Koru Wind Farm in Turkey which is supported by the UN for reducing CO2. Just to add to their rap sheet, they also provide grants to two environmental activists to support their projects.


Allbirds are a New Zealand based brand that provides sustainable and ethical clothing for men, women and also non-binary people, so not only are they sustainable, they’re WOKE. They also make extremely comfy shoes that will make you feel like you’re running on clouds. They use a range of ZQ-certified merino wool and also vegan materials like TENCEL lyocell. With this, they are also using a range of recycled materials such as bottle laces, castor bean oil insoles, sugarcane midsoles. Allbirds are Carbon Neutral and also use water and energy-saving practices in manufacturing their products.

Alternative Apparel

Alternative apparel is another great company that is doing its bit to save the environment. They use recycled cotton or GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified organic materials like TENCEL which is made of wood fibres and are aiming to eradicate its polyester for recycled polyester so that they can get even better. They provide durable, stylish basics with some detail. These are definitely a brand to be keeping an eye out for in 2021.

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