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Retailers: Here Are the Most Popular USPS Priority Mail Sizes for Holiday Shipping

Selecting USPS as the shipping provider for sending items to people in different parts of the United States is a good decision. While companies such as UPS and FedEx offer a fair amount of advantages to businesses, individuals cannot beat the services they are going to get from USPS. It is convenient, quick, efficient and very cheap. There is no better provider for sending one or two items a week than USPS. Here is a look at some of the advantages of USPS over their competitors. The main advantage Read more [...]

5 Ways To Revamp Your Ecommerce Shipping Game Plan

If you feel like your ecommerce shipping and fulfillment plan is actually costing you hours of productivity and even possibly future customer business, then your inklings are likely correct. But rather than worry about it or ignore it, why not consider looking into what the core of the issues is, and finding a way to positively resolve them? These following suggestions can help you revamp your shipping and fulfillment department. Systematize Fulfillment What system do you currently have in Read more [...]