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Robert Bassam – The Inspirational Story of Robert Bassam

Throughout the years in business there have been many inspirational stories of people who were born with very little but had a dream and went after it. This rags to riches stuff is not exclusive to business, take a look at celebrities such as Jay-Z, a former crack cocaine dealer on the harsh streets of New York who managed to turn his ability for rapping into a multi-million dollar career as a celebrity and a business mogul who boasts a clothing line, sports agency business and record company. Today Read more [...]
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Pulling yourself up by your bootstraps: how to do it in a 21st century world

There are many people out there that claim pulling yourself up by your bootstraps is an unattainable myth. However, the truth is that there have never been so many resources that have been as easily accessible to people than in the present day. Robert Bassam pulled himself up by his bootstraps the hard way, buying used cars for as little as $50 and then fixing them up for resale. If he could get it done getting his hands dirty, then you can make it happen with your keyboard and internet Read more [...]