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Key tips for becoming a successful freelancer

If you are looking to join the growing ranks of freelance professionals, you need to have your research done on what it means to make a success of your new career. As a budding freelancer, you are not alone in your ambitions. There are 53 million people undertaking such work in the US, constituting 34 per cent of the total workforce. The UK numbers are at the 1.4 million mark. Some of the most important tips on making a successful transition to freelance work include: Create a portfolio When Read more [...]
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Making Sense of Key Economic Indicators

Modern economies are incredibly complex and it can be difficult to sort out whether our economy is doing well or not. Economists have developed a number of key indicators that can help us to make sense of what is going on in different parts of the economy. These parts can be analysed together to allow experts like George Bardwil to develop a picture of overall economic health. Here are some of the most important. GDP Growth GDP refers to gross domestic product, which is measure of market value Read more [...]

Which is the Right Career for Your Intelligent Mind

Being blessed with intelligence is a gift and a curse, on one hand you have an ability that few have, the ability to learn at speed, retain knowledge, formulate thoughts and search for answers where there are none. On the other hand there is a lot of pressure placed on your shoulders from peers, teachers and family to make the most of your gift when it comes to your career and deciding on a career can be difficult with so much pressure. It is important therefore that you study many careers and see Read more [...]

Rugby – The fastest growing sport in the States

If you were to open any sort of conversation about sport in a bar, it would most probably be about baseball, football or basketball. In truth, these are the three which are 'renowned' in the US and none of them look to ever be losing their grip. However, one sport which is making quiet progress is rugby. Considering the similarities with football, it shouldn't come as a surprise, but the statistics still make for exceptionally interesting reading. For example, between 2009 and 2014 there was a 14% Read more [...]
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Becoming a Pilot

An airline pilot can be a fun, exciting, and highly rewarding job. But how do you get there? It’s not a simple as submitting your resume and getting a job offer. Pilots require extensive training, thousands of hours of flight experience and a near perfect health record. For some pilots, it can take ten years of flying experience even to qualify. It is not an easy path but it is one filled with many rewards. Get a four-year degree. While a degree is not required to fly for any of the regional Read more [...]

How Mobile Payments Change the Way People Live?

Nobody can longer deny how alarming it is that people are becoming more and more dependent on their phones, especially now that it’s not only used for telecommunications, but for games, entertainment, shopping, etc. as well. According to Pew Research Center, around 64% of the people in the US alone own a Smartphone. With this technology, people have gained easy access to almost every daily transaction. For instance, they can now pay their bills through the use of companies’ mobile apps. Even Read more [...]

Proven health benefits of coffee – Know why you should drink a cup everyday

Do you think you can ever find a person in this world who has never tried a cup of coffee? It is something that is consumed everywhere and if you consider the number of Starbucks locations within the US alone, you will be more than sure that we simply love our caffeine. Americans are simply proud of their habit of drinking coffee and that’s fine for them. You will be rather happy to note that there are many benefits of being one among the 55% of the Americans above the age of 18 years who drink Read more [...]

5 Relaxing Places to Visit in the US

America might seem like a busy place - everyone always seems like they have somewhere to go and something to do. Does it ever slow down? Can anyone relax? Contrary to popular believe, there are a few places left in the US where you can take a vacation and, yes, finally relax. Whether you love the warm desert sun or the beach, there are a number of locations you can go to and finally take a load off. Moreover, you don't have to spend a lot of money either - a lot of towns and cities are eager for Read more [...]