Tailoring An Exercise Program To Your Needs

Most people need more exercise. They either need to lose weight, improve their heart health, gain strength, or increase flexibility, or achieve some combination of those things. Many people see this importance in some kind of critical event, when an injury, a bad report from the doctor, or a surprise on the bathroom scale creates an inspirational moment when they decide to make a change.

In the heat of the moment, though, you can make a bad choice of exercise. Running out and jumping into a new routine can cause frustration, injuries, or expenses that you didn’t want, so it’s very important to plan your routine before you actually start it. Here are some tips on developing an exercise plan that you can live with:

Consider Your Logistics

For many people, the biggest limitation on exercise is getting access to equipment that is compatible with their personal workout needs. Small-town and neighborhood gyms lack the variety and quantity of equipment needed to get them on the correct machines in a timely fashion without having someone hovering over your shoulder for the next time slot.

That’s where a nationwide gym company like Fitness 19┬ácan help you succeed. With trained staff, a variety of workout stations, and plenty of spots available, they can provide all the support you need to ensure you take your workout further than just your pedometer.

Get Fit For What You Do

Now that you know to spend your time at a quality gym, think about what you’re getting in shape to do. Most people need to lose some weight and improve their cardiovascular health, but the degrees of exercise intensity can vary.

For example, if you spend a lot of time walking like a mail carrier or a nurse, you will want to do low-impact cardio that will get you ready for hours on your feet. If you stand a lot at work, like a teacher or factory worker, you’ll want to do exercise that will help your posture so that you don’t end the day aching and tired. The idea is to do exercises that will improve your health in the workplace.

Once again, we get back to having professional advice. A good trainer will assess your needs and help you build a program that makes the most impact for you while ensuring that you minimize the risk of injury based on your particular needs.

Work Around Your Limitations

One size most certainly does not fit all when it comes to fitness routines. While a certain exercise or a particular machine might be the gold standard for achieving particular goals, it may not be workable for you.

Running is a great example. It burns plenty of calories, builds cardiovascular health, and is generally safe and fun for most people. But if you’ve had problems with your knees, hips, feet, or back, it’s not the best choice for you.

Of course, a poor match isn’t always that obvious. Certain things that would appear to be safe for you may turn out to be very risky in terms of re-injuring problem areas or overextending yourself physically. So once again, we return to the need for a skilled trainer in a quality facility as important tools in helping you get the right workout.

The most important message here is that what is best for one person’s exercise plan may not necessarily be the best choice for you. You should consult with your doctor first and with an exercise expert second to determine what your routine should include. The important thing is to do it!

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