The Most Fabulous Wedding Invitation Trends for 2019

Your wedding invitation is the first experience your guests will have when it comes to your big event. It’s an opportunity to get really creative and show your personality. Your wedding invitations can be a reflection of you and your partner, and a hint toward the kind of wedding you have planned. Most people pin wedding invitations to their note boards or clip them to their fridge to keep the date in mind. Come up with a wedding invitation design which will be a welcome addition to your guests’ homes which they’ll admire for the months ahead.


Read on for the most fabulous wedding invitations trends for 2019!




How often do we receive a handwritten letter in the mail these days? Let alone a beautifully handwritten wedding invitation! Find some gorgeous, unique paper (see below for homemade paper ideas), buy yourself a high-quality ink pen and write personalized invitations. It might take you a while longer than it would to have your invitations printed, but the effect will be worth it. What’s more, it will give you an excuse to sit down, get creative, relax and enjoy the process. You can write each guest a unique and heartfelt message, along with the details of the wedding. There’s nothing more unique, personal and special than your own handwriting.


Personalized drawings


If you have a friend or family member who is super talented at drawing, why not ask them to create a custom design for your wedding invitations? Cute, quirky caricatures of the happy couple make for a fun and whimsical design. An illustration which captures the essence of your personality as a couple created with a hand-drawn touch will be extremely memorable.


Homemade paper design


The paper can be the front and center feature of your wedding invitations, especially if you create your own custom design. Buy some high-quality paper, paints, brushes and get to work. You could create a soft, pastel-colored design with watercolor paints, or a super glam design with gold paint. You could make each one a little different, or settle on one signature design. Either handwrite or print your wedding details and message over the top.


Include a gift such as flower seeds


If you’re leaning more toward a really simple wedding invitation, but you want it to be memorable and impactful, add a surprise. Talk to your local garden centre to find a flower which is easy to grow, long-lasting and low maintenance. Include a packet of seeds with each invitation, complete with a gorgeous picture of the flower in bloom. Include a little note explaining that these are seeds which will grow into a stunning flower to remind everyone of love and happiness.




Your wedding invitation is one of the very first things you put effort into when planning your special event. It’s the first taster of your wedding your guests will experience, so make it one which captures the essence of you, your partner and your upcoming wedding. Get creative in 2019 and spend some down-time crafting your own paper, hand-writing your messages and providing a special, long-lasting gift such as flower seeds. You can also go to online stores like JJ’s House to get personalized invitations you like.

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