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The Top Myths about Website Design, Debunked

There seems to be a lot of misconceptions when it comes to web design. Although there’s no right or wrong way to design a website, there are some basic guidelines that ought to be followed if you want your site to be successful. Unfortunately, a lot of the misinformation out there can cause designers to make some classic web blunders. To help ensure that your website has the best possible design, here are some myths about website design, debunked.

Myth: The More Flash, Animation and Graphics, the Better

Somewhere along the way, some designers got the incorrect idea in their heads that flashier equaled better. While flash animation can sometimes work on a website, generally, it’s more distracting and cumbersome than it is useful. Generally, a website should have a design that is sleek and lovely, but that is also simple enough to be easily used. While you might be able to make some animations work, you should generally value simplicity over extravagance.

Myth: There Are Certain Colors That Work and Certain Colors That Don’t

There are no steadfast rules when it comes to what color scheme you should use on your website. Disregard any notions that red signifies one thing and blue signifies another. The truth is that you can make just about any color scheme work, provided that it all looks good when it comes together on your website. The most important thing is that the colors you use compliment each other, not that they send some ridiculous message about what sort of company or brand you are.

Myth: Childish or “Silly” Fonts Are Sometimes Okay

Many companies and brands that have a light tone or who target their products to children will use “silly” fonts, such as the childish Comic Sans. No matter what your company does, avoid these fonts at all costs. They are generally seen not as whimsical, but as ridiculous. Time and time again, opinion polls show that customers are turned off by childish fonts, even in advertising materials that are actually geared towards kids.

Myth: Stock Photos Always Automatically Work

Stock photos can be a great way to add some pizzazz to a blog post. However, on your main website, it’s best to eschew stock photos. Instead, actually obtain some professional shots of your product or of your company’s location. Most customers are distrustful of websites that feature only stock photos and now photos of the actual company or product.

Myth: Customers Are Fine With Sound or Music That Plays Automatically

Never use any code that will cause music or sound to play automatically when someone accesses your web page. It is one of the worst design mistakes you can make, although for whatever reason, designers continue to do it. Customers don’t find these automatic songs and sound effects to be cute, they find them to be irritating. There’s no quicker way to get someone to leave your website than by using sound that plays automatically.

These myths are pervasive, but they are easily debunked. To create a website that will attract new customers and drive new business, avoid the mistakes listed above. Your website should ideally be simple but attractive and above all else, geared towards creating an enjoyable user experience for those who access it.

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