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Tips For Easy Entertaining

Have you just committed to hosting a large gathering? Are you consumed with stress or maybe even paralysis? Relax – you can do this. Whether you’re entertaining friends and family, coworkers or hosting a benefit, follow these tips step by step and your event will not only be a roaring success, but you’ll actually enjoy the evening yourself.


The key to effortless entertaining is planning. By all means, take care of yourself first. Select your outfit, try it on and assure yourself you look great and feel comfortable. Try some of the great new styles at Lane Bryant. Now you’ve got the confidence to continue planning the evening. If you’re expecting 8 or more guests, consider setting up a buffet. Not only is this less stressful than trying to cram too many guests around a few tables, but it also lends itself to a more relaxing evening.

Plan the menu well in advance. This is not the time to experiment with new recipes – it will only increase your stress level. Plan on preparing a meat dish or a pasta dish with protein, a side dish and a vegetable dish. Add bread if desired. Select recipes that you’ve prepared in the past and that can be prepared in advance of the guests’ arrival. You don’t want to be stuck cooking in front of an audience! Select the serving dishes in advance for these items and place them as well as hot pads as needed, on the buffet. Stack plates at both ends of the buffet. Roll flatware in napkins and place at the end of the buffet so guests have less to juggle. The drinks should be placed in a separate location from the buffet to avoid crowding and increase circulation of guests.

If guest ask to bring a dish, by all means welcome their offer. It’s best to encourage appetizers instead of main courses. Follow these tops and your evening is sure to be a great success. Not only will you have enjoyed yourselves, but you will have succeeded in making your guests relaxed and welcome. No doubt you’ll be quick to volunteer to host again in the near future!

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