Top 2017 Travel Trends

Like everything else, modern vacations don’t look like they used to. With all the options available in accommodations, destinations, and transports, Millennials have explored non-conventional methods of travel. Thus, they’ve rewritten the book on summer vacations while inadvertently opening new industries. Below we look at some of the most popular travel trends of 2017.

Mixing Work and Play

Fortunately for some, work travel destinations coincide with desired vacation destinations. Therefore, business trips can often be used to go on a mini-vacation. For instance, employees in many companies have the flexibility to spend a few extra days on the road to vacation once the business trip is over. So, if you always wanted to see all the sites in Chicago, a clever idea would be to carry your business trip into the weekend and go explorer the Windy City. Online services like Airbnb has fueled this trend, as travel goers now have more options for lodging and other accommodations.

Limited Local Travel

Millennials thrive on cultural experiences. Whether it’s art festivals, concerts, local cuisine, or car shows, those in their late 20’s and early 30’s are more easily entertained than ever. Young vacationers are just as likely to travel 20 miles for fun, as they are 200 miles. For some, the economy has put a pinch on their wallet. But it doesn’t take away from their sense of adventure and longing for cultural discoveries. This renewed national interest in modern culture has opened new possibilities in the tourist industry. Places that were once considered dormant are now alive and well thanks to those who place value in simpler pleasures. And rather than feeling like they are taking a defensive driving course when traveling through busy metropolitan areas, Millennials opt for the safer small towns and places away from the stress of society.

DIY Travel Planning

Let’s face it, there are a surplus of online tools that can help you put together the perfect summer vacation. With all this technology, you can become your own travel agent. Most of the automated online services are free of charge and are comprehensive, meaning they will cover every facet of your trip. You can now use DIY travel sites to book airlines, rent cars, secure lodging, find deals, and help you locate destinations you’ve always wanted to go to. There’s no reason to spend all your money on travel agents, when you can designate your funds back into the trip.

Traveling Solo

Vacationing on your own is a growing trend among young travelers. The demographic most likely to go solo? Women in their mid to late 20s. While this seems to be a bit counterintuitive and as dangerous as the New York driving experience, the industry for women traveling by themselves is growing by leaps and bounds. And why not? Women know how to find deals, they’re extremely resourceful, and they’re less likely to get into danger than men. There’s a good chance that woman would spend less than half of what a man would spend for the same trip. Women also enjoy more personal, enriching experience. They’ll make the most out of the event.


Asking the question, “Is it environmentally friendly?” is not something that the average traveler used to ask. These days, however, millennials see vacationing as either an opportunity to take care of the planet or, at the very least, reduce their carbon footprint. Modern travelers will opt for low-impact, eco-friendly destinations, as well as travel, and accommodations. As with other trends, this has opened a newer industry for environmentally – conscious resorts and other establishments.

New York City is Back!

According to the latest tourism statistics, in 2016 New York City experienced the strongest boost in tourism over any other major city in the U.S. Just last year, the city saw a record-breaking 60+ million visitor by the end of the year. Although it’s put a squeeze on New York traffic, it’s has benefitted NY’s economy. So, if you want to find out what New York Yankees drive, where they go, and what they do for fun, then hop in a taxi and explore the streets of New York. You’ll be glad you did!


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