Top tips for a quick house sale

The process of trying to sell a property can feel like a minefield, especially if you need to sell your house quickly.

Choose the right estate agent

Your choice of estate agent can make or break your property sale.  Choose a good, proactive agent, with a great track record selling similar properties in your local area and you should be able to find a buyer quickly and easily, but choose wrong and you could be sitting on the market for months, sometimes even years.

Price your property competitively

One of the things a good agent will ensure you get right is the asking price for your property.  If you price it too high you will struggle to get any interest and your property will quickly get ‘stale’.  When this happens it often takes a hefty price reduction or removing your property from the market for several months and then relisting to attract any new interest.

It can be easy to see what other local property owners are asking and get carried away with unrealistic expectations, but it is important to remember that asking prices and sold prices are often quite different.  If you are in need of a quick house sale you will need to ensure that your property is very competitively priced to make it the most favourable option for prospective buyers.

Be prepared to compromise

The buyer that makes the highest offer is not necessarily the best buyer or most proceedable buyer, so it is important to consider the buyer’s circumstances before accepting any offer.  Any offer made by a buyer who still has a property to sell of their own is simply speculative, and any offer made by a property owner who is in a chain can be vulnerable to disruption and chain collapse.  A chain-free buyer is always a better option than a buyer in a chain in terms of speed and likely success of sale.

Don’t be afraid to consider other options

If speed and certainty are your biggest considerations, as they are for many homeowners, it may be worth considering other options, like calling in a professional cash home buyer.  A cash home buyer will purchase your property directly, with their own cash funds, and therefore don’t rely on mortgages or other investment.  This means they are able to offer a quick and guaranteed property sale, often in as little as seven days.  Although any professional cash home buyer will need to buy your property at a discount, many homeowners feel you can’t put a price on the speed, certainty and convenience on offer.

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