Children saying Thank You at donation center or yard sale

Want to be a More Charitable Person? Here’s How

One of the most personally rewarding things that you can do is to help others and thankfully we live in a World where this is actively encouraged. All people of faith are encouraged to live a life that sees them help others and even those without faith are taught from a very young age to be nice to each other.


Unfortunately for many of us, we get embroiled in our busy lives and forget to make the time to help one another. This is not something that most of us consciously do,it is just something that happens as we work hard to feed our families and pay the bills. The truth is that we always have time or at least a way to help others and if you want to be more charitable in the future then here are some of the things which you can be doing.




Donating money is one of the simplest ways to help others and it requires no time at all form you, just a small percentage of your pay packet that will serve to do much good. Many charity organizations around the World rely on fundraising and people like you to give them money so that they can continue with their great cause. You could also donate in different ways, for example if you are selling your property then you could look at selling to a non-profit by way of a 170 exchange. These types of sales means that you don’t pay income tax on the profit and the non-profit organization can make money from the money they save on taxes.


Volunteering Your Time


Volunteering your time is a great way to help others and regardless of how much time you have to give, it is all appreciated. Contact places in the local community that may require your support, you could try children’s hospital, hospices and charity shops and even just one afternoon each week will be enough to make a big difference, naturally the more time you can afford, the better. If you have more time on your hands then why not travel the World and join one of the hundreds of organizations who are helping the global community.


Give Away


One simple thing that you can do to help out is to give away possessions that you no longer need instead looking to sell them. We can all be guilty of hoarding at times and it may be worth you spending a day clearing through your house for any old and unwanted goods which could still be worth something to others. Once you have everything together you should head down to your local charity shop and give them your old belongings so that they can sell them to make some money. This will serve you twofold, firstly it will help you to clear out your house and make some fresh space and secondly it will mean that you are doing your bit when it comes to helping charities.

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