Ways to Avoid Having a Messy and Embarrassing Wedding

As you go over various YouTube videos, you will come across dozens of wedding fails and disasters. There are cute and funny videos, but others are scandalous and embarrassing. You might not have a perfect wedding, but you definitely don’t want to have a scandalous one. If you want the wedding to go as planned, these are some tips to consider.

Be sure about your decision

One of the most scandalous things to happen is not showing up on your wedding day. Your wedding jitters get the best of you and you decide to ditch the whole thing. You need to talk to your partner and be honest about how you feel. If you already have doubts about your feelings for each other, you might as well end things now. Waiting until it’s too late will only leave a permanent scar for the two of you. Add to that the people you love that you’re also going to hurt in the process.

Finalize all the wedding details

It’s also possible for the wedding to be a disaster if there are several details you don’t take care of. Make sure that you check with every concerned individual if the tasks assigned have been done; otherwise, you need to come up with an immediate backup plan. It’s not only the messy detail that could cause the problem. It’s your reaction upon seeing the mess. You might not control yourself and end up getting angry at everyone, including the guests.

Don’t set the bar too high

It’s okay to expect a great wedding and do everything you can to make it happen. However, you can’t set a really high bar that might not be a reality. You might feel frustrated about the wedding. If you’ve already done everything you can to plan a good wedding, just show up and enjoy the day. Besides, it’s not about the wedding details, but the love you share with your partner. It’s a day to celebrate such love and let everyone know about it.

Don’t settle any problems on the wedding day

Whether it’s with your partner, the in-laws, or guests, the wedding day isn’t the right time to settle problems. You can always discuss issues after the wedding if you haven’t tackled them before the big day. You don’t want to ruin everything because you start to talk about these things.

Avoid getting too drunk 

You have all the right to drink and have fun on your wedding day. However, if you know how crazy you get when you’re intoxicated, you need to control how much you drink. You don’t want to cause a scene at your own wedding. You also don’t want to forget most of the things that take place on your big day.

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