Webop E-Learning For Surgeons

Webop is an intuitive concept and online reference that is constantly updated to provide practical knowledge to surgeons. This was developed at the Department of Surgery at Witten/Herdecke University in Germany.


Surgical procedures involve a complex sequence of motions and require high-end training, practice, and concentration. Multimedia-based training procedures can be immensely helpful in improving surgical performance.

Why is Webop better than manuals?

The age-old process of training using reference manuals consisting of texts and illustrations to explain the workflow of surgery is going out of date at a speedy rate. Although the system has been here since historic times, the books are a disadvantage as they can seldom record the latest technology. 


In most other fields of science and technology, the internet is constantly replacing print media. The same is the case with surgical technology. Webop gives surgical educators multiple options to standardize general training and assessments. Moreover, it also brings the opportunity for national as well as international collaborations.


The use of multimedia can utilize different perceptions for a better and more detailed understanding of complex procedures such as temporal or spatial events. Studies also show that multimedia training also creates a better understanding of concepts such as aortic valve replacement in heart surgeries.


Webop has reduced the gap between cost and time effectiveness in surgical sciences. This platform combines aspects of mental training methods and visualizing complex movements to improve learning.


Updated learning

Very similar to famous online streaming services, Webop beats the textbooks with its highly up-to-date websites. The user interaction and steady flow of new contributions from editors all over the globe can help surgeons with the latest technologies in surgery. 


Moreover, this platform is also extremely reliable as it is developed by surgeons, for surgeons. A steadily growing team of author surgeons constantly contribute to their specialties on this platform. This ensures a high level of scientific accuracy and expertise. 

Study settings and participants

The research and study for this platform were carried out at the Institute of Operative Medicine, and Campus Merhim of the University of Witten-Herdecke respectively. The participants included MDs involved in surgical fellowships in a 30-kilometer radius of the university and the final year medical students of the university.


Although the study involved the distribution of an equal number of participants to the practical training program, and the multimedia training program, the multimedia training group along with the combination training group achieved the best results.


Statistically speaking, multimedia-based training has visibly increased surgical performances in recent times. Moreover, this platform is a low-cost mode of training students that is always available. Although Webop isn’t being perceived to replace practical training, it can be a great addition to the surgical curriculum. This platform can also be accessed from small, portable devices like smartphones, thus, enhancing the opportunities of surgical e-learning. 


Webop is a leading multimedia surgical video reference platform, that is visited by approximately 20,00 users per month. Webop can be crucial in widening the horizons of surgical knowledge and might open new doors in the medical industry. 

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