What Characteristics do Lawyers Possess

When many children are asked about what they would like to do when they grow up the answers are often very similar, things like archeology come up because children love the idea of lost treasure, astronaut is another popular choice because which child doesn’t want to go to space! Another popular choice is to become a lawyer and many of those children grow up maintaining this dream. Becoming a lawyer like top Boston attorney Jeffrey Glassman, much like an astronaut or an archaeologist however, is not easy and you will need a certain set of skills.

Today we’re going to take a look at what kind of characteristics lawyers possess and what skills you will need if becoming a lawyer is within your plans for the future.

Ability to Read, Absorb and Distill

Lawyers are required to have memories which can store masses of information, they are also required to be able to read, process and absorb huge amounts of texts from past cases and of course, the law itself. Not only do lawyers need to be able to read such large amounts, they are also required to have the skill to filter the key points from what they read.

Public Speaking

Barristers need to be able to speak in public with ease, they should be able to adopt different styles depending on their audience an the argument which they are putting forward. A good public speaker should have a firm grasp of tone, pace and intonation and be able to use body language in a positive way.

Understanding All Sides

In order to win an argument you need to have the ability to understand all sides, to the point where you could confidently argue on either side of it. Lawyers who possess this type of ability are able to from productive counter-arguments in anticipation of what they other side will present as well as putting forth strong arguments for their own case.

Persuasive Ability

One of the key characteristics of a top lawyer is their ability to persuade a judge or a jury that they, or their clients, are in the right. This is a unique ability that is difficult to learn and usually something that is naturally possessed. Lawyers not only need to be persuasive in the courtroom but also with in the legal team that is working on the case when convincing them that their course of action is best.

Team Working

No lawyer or attorney in the World can win a case alone, each law firm puts teams in place to work on cases and the best lawyers are able to work in any role within the team setting. Cases are generally won or lost during the period before and during the court case, away form the courtroom. The levels of research and arguments that are formed during the preparation for the court case are usually the most important aspects and the time in the courtroom is more about executing the plan that has been put in place.

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