What Makes South Bay Energy So Good?

It can be a minefield when looking for energy providers because of the sheer volume that exist throughout the United States, and it is also difficult for many of these providers to stand out. I rarely write glowing reviews or reports on companies but the energy provider who I switched to last year, South Bay Energy, have really impressed me and that is why I wanted to write this piece to give a little bit of detail as to what they do that is so good, and why you may consider them if you live in a catchment area of theirs. My experience with South Bay energy has been outstanding and here is what they do so well.




This is a relatively small company who serve around 2,000 customers each year, they operate in NJ, Ohio, Illinois, New York and Pennsylvania. Because of its size you may anticipate that you will be paying a higher price when you use the company, but this just isn’t the case at all and their rates on both electricity and gas are some of the most competitive which I have seen. In fact since switching to South Bay Energy I have saved a lot of money on my monthly energy costs. What I love about the service is that they also offer plenty of advice on how to save on energy bills, which helps the consumer greatly.


Customer Service


There have been a couple of occasions where I have had to contact the company, never for anything that was their fault I may add, and their customer service was simply exceptional. The speed with which they took my calls, the knowledge which each member of the team who I spoke to had, not to mention the warmth and respect that I was given. Believe it or not this is not something that is universal and customer service is something which I believe we are losing, in the case of South Bay energy however, that is most certainly not the case.




Naturally a smaller company has to do all that they can to ensure that people stay with them and this is why the have implemented a rewards scheme, which really does put a smile on the face of the customer. I have received over $190 in rewards from the company which I have been able to use towards trips out and restaurant meals. Some suppliers like to offer an annual rebate which often involves heavy discounts or complicated terms and conditions, South Bay do things differently however and it is one of the biggest reasons why I choose to stay with them.


The fact of the matter is that this is a company who values every one of their customers, they work hard on bringing down the cost of energy for you and they also do all that they can to reward you for your custom, not to mention how simple it is to do business with them.

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