What Services You Can Get From a Ladder Company?

Have you been looking into getting a ladder company to build bespoke ladders for a home or commercial project? Perhaps you have a restaurant or vineyard or run a library on a University campus or elsewhere and want a sliding ladder system built for your shelving units. Or perhaps you’re a building owner and need to add access ladders of fire safety ladders to the outside of the building or levelled roofing. Or maybe your ladder needs are for your mezzanine floor or loft space access.

What Types of Ladders Can a Ladder Company Make?

A bespoke ladder company should be able to build made to measure bespoke ladder and platform systems to your requirements. If it’s a complex job then they may send out an engineer to assess the location and measure up for your ladder requirements, before coming back to you with a quote. They will be able to consider building ladders which are made from steel, aluminum, wood or fiber glass. They can add wheel systems for sliding ladders, rails, platforms, and furniture to match you current room furniture. Often they can be painted to a specific color, or metal ladders can be finished with different metallic effects. Another option comes with wood, where you can select different woods such as oak, pine, mahogany and other exotic woods, as well as the finish such as unfinished, varnished, waxed or painted.

Bespoke Ladders for Your Project

Your ladder could be a stand alone ladder or due to its height could have platforms and cage systems built in, which is usually the case with fire escape ladder systems. The visiting engineer will advise on regulations involved as well as their suggested best way of completing the project. They will be able to offer a fitting service as well, with a quote for this element of the project.

Whatever your ladder requirements a bespoke build ladder company will be able to provide ladders which not only functionally solve the drop involved, but design ladders which look appropriate to the space around the ladders, matching colors, style and period. Your new ladders will fit in with their surroundings and could even be a design feature within the property as well as having a practical value.

Wooden ladders can often look great with indoor environments such as libraries, bars and vineyard cellars, but actually they are usually aluminum or steel framed with wooden case, so although they look great and match the surroundings they are also very solid, secure and meet your safety requirements. They should last for many years and if running systems are kept well oiled, and wood is treated when required should be a permanent fixture in their space.

By investing in bespoke ladders rather than buying off the shelf items you will find that you have a safer ladder system that uses up minimal space and is an aesthetic match to the surroundings. So have a look for bespoke ladders today.

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