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What to Do if You’re Involved in a Criminal Lawsuit

There’s a difference between being involved in a personal injury lawsuit and a criminal lawsuit. For a criminal lawsuit, it means that you are facing charges for a felony or a misdemeanor, and this can vary based on where you live. However, being charged with a criminal lawsuit is a very stressful situation, and most people are not sure exactly what to do. If you are ever involved in a criminal case, here are some suggestions you should follow.


Hire an attorney.

Before you do anything, the very first thing you should do is hire an attorney. This professional will help you handle your case in the best way possible and they will work towards helping you get the best possible outcome. According to Rosenthal & Wadas PLLC, a criminal defense attorney, “If you or a loved one is under investigation or charged with a crime, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to protect your freedom. When you are undertaking a significant legal battle, you deserve a competent, knowledgeable and dedicated law firm in your corner.”


If you have never hired a criminal defense attorney, there are a few tips you should follow to find the one that’s right for you.

  • Have a consultation: Most lawyers will offer free consultations to hear about your case and let you know your options. Find attorneys in your area and contact them for a consultation.
  • Ask for referrals: If you have friends or relatives who have been involved in criminal cases, ask them for attorney references. It’s usually more comfortable to put your trust in someone who has been referred by someone you know.
  • Check records: Your attorney’s track record can be found online, so do your research to check records, talk to referrals, and do all that you can to ensure you’re putting your trust in someone who is competent.
  • Follow your gut: After you speak with the attorney, be sure to trust your instincts. If something feels wrong, or if something feels right, be sure to follow it.


Talk honestly with your attorney.

Once you have chosen an attorney, it’s important that you talk honestly with him or her. In order to provide you with the best representation, they need to know the truth and the whole truth, even if it doesn’t position you in the best light. Being honest with them allows them to prepare the best plan of attack. Plus, doing so allows for less curveballs thrown your way during the court case. Your attorney has been involved in cases before, so trust the questions they ask you and be ready to answer them honestly.


Stay out of trouble.

It’s important to remember that during a criminal case, anything in the present can be used against you to show character. Because of this, it’s very important for you to stay out of trouble while your case is going on. Separate yourself from a bad crowd, don’t make any poor decisions, and try and be the best possible citizen you can be. If you continue to get into trouble as your criminal case is taking place, it can have a very bad impact on the outcome of your current situation.


Plan for backlash.

Even though all defendants should be “innocent until proven guilty”, that’s not always the case. If you are going through a lawsuit and it becomes public knowledge, it’s important that you prepare for the backlash that can occur. Depending on the case, you may end up with media at your door, you may get threatening letters, you may lose friends and family members’ support, you may lose your job, and you may simply find yourself going into a downward spiral. The best thing for you to do is to talk to your attorney right away about what backlash you could expect and exactly how to handle it. This will help you have a plan in place that keeps you grounded throughout the entire trial.


Stay positive.

No matter how the lawsuit or case may be going, and no matter what else may be happening in your personal life, it’s important to try and stay positive. While it may be easier said than done, looking at the good is what can help you make it through this tough situation.


Being involved in a criminal lawsuit is extremely stressful, but using these tips can help make it a little easier on you in the long run.



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