What to Look For in a Five-Star Vacation Rental

If you’re sold on the idea of renting five star vacation rentals, rather than choosing to stay at a hotel or resort, simply continue reading to discover a step by step guide to choosing the ultimate vacation rental.


What to look for in five-star vacation rentals: 4 Attributes to look for in a vacation property


  1. A property which is continently located close to the action


Ideally, you should aim to hire a five-star vacation property which is located within walking distance of a wide variety of fun-filled activities and attractions. As an example, if you’re looking to organize the ultimate ski trip to Big Bear Mountain, it’s well worth choosing to book a luxury property which is located within a short walk of the ski resort’s free shuttles to front entrance of the Big Bear Ski Resort.


Alternatively, if you plan on booking a seaside vacation to Newport Beach, it’s well worth booking an oceanfront vacation rental which boasts phenomenal views of Newport Beach and which will allow you to roll out of bed each morning and head straight to the beach. If you’re keen you may be interested in renting Maria Cobb Newport Beach, one of the most luxurious oceanfront properties around.


This highly rated property boasts countless positive reviews and ratings and is owned by Kevin and Maria Cobb, a husband and wife team who started their own five-star vacation rentals business.


  1. A luxurious property which offers a wide variety of creature comforts


If you want to feel like a VIP on your next getaway it’s well worth choosing a five-star vacation property which features a wide variety of luxurious properties. Examples of which include private pools, jacuzzis, gymnasiums, flat screen televisions, wood fire fireplaces and central heating.


Better yet, most listings which you’ll find online will list every luxurious feature which each property boasts. So you’ll easily be able to choose a property which offers the amenities and facilities which you’re particularly interested in.


  1. A property which features glowing reviews and testimonials


Also, make sure to opt for five-star vacation rentals which feature glowing, positive reviews and testimonials from past clients. As while a listing can feature photos and promotional material which may make a listing look like an excellent option, the best way to get a true sense of what it would be like to stay at any given vacation property is to read a variety of recent reviews, left by unbiased individuals. Who are looking to share their opinions and viewpoint with fellow travelers.


  1. A property which offers plenty of space


If you’re looking to book a fun-filled family vacation or a holiday shared with a group of close friends, it’s well worth booking a luxury vacation property which boasts multiple roomy bedrooms. As you’ll be far more likely to get on with your family members and friends if you all have plenty of room to yourselves.


So if you’ve decided to rent a luxurious five-star vacation rental in California, it’s well worth following each of the valuable vacation rental tips listed above!


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