What Your Engagement Ring Cuts Say About You

Are you are looking for the perfect diamond engagement ring or you do already have one on your finger? Do you know that each unique cut in a wedding ring says something about you? Find out what kind of engagement ring fits you the most.


Oval cuts are popular nowadays and it gives a vibe of being simple. Oval radiates an elegant style and is perfect for the “plain Janes” out there. The ring signifies that the couple is more than the sum of its parts.

Round stone

This is a classic or, we may say, a traditional ring. Round stones never go out of style. This are for the woman who always looks put together—the one with a timeless beauty. This is for the “never a dull moment with her” girl. This is for couples that are best friends–the ones who get each other, are never boring, and always make each other laugh out loud. The ring will be a new accessory to the couple’s handshake.

Emerald cut stone

Emerald stands for elegance and sophistication. This is for the traditionalist who doesn’t like round-shaped rings. The woman who wears the emerald cut is mostly known as the socialites. This ring will tell how much he is in awe of you and that you are the girl of his dreams.

Cushion cut stone

This cut is uniquely beautiful. The ones who buy this have a high regard for legendary women who have set themselves apart and in love with the strength of her beauty and personality. Let’s just say that this is a “Grace Kelly” kind of ring.

Princess cut

The name speaks of itself. This indicates that he treats you as his princess. This is especially for the women who love all things sparkly, dazzling and dreamy. As soon as you wear this princess cut ring, you can start writing on your princess diaries.

Pear-shaped cut

This cut appears to be a classic with a twist. In comparison to the traditional rings, where stones are placed vertically on the band, the stones of these ones are placed horizontally. This is for a strong couple that is totally committed to each other, but is also independent.


If you’re looking for old Hollywood style vintage engagement ring, the marquise is the best find. This is for the ladies who have sentimental hearts. This indicates being in a comfortable relationship.

Heart-shaped cut

This cut is obviously for the romantics. This symbolizes playful yet mature relationships. The ring is perfect for someone who is generous and bold in love or somebody who wears her heart on her sleeves.

These diamond engagement rings are not only the epitome of love and commitment; they also speak about your persona. They are as beautiful as the love you share with the one that you want to spend the rest of your life with. To express your happiness and love, it is time to put that ring on.

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