Which Branch of Engineering Is Right for You?

If you have decided on a career in engineering then you will no doubt be turning your attention to deciding on which of the many fields of engineering it is that you want to go in to. All branches of engineering require the same basic principles and it won’t be until you are studying in college that you need to make a decision on where it is that you will be headed. It will serve you well however, to have a strong idea of which branch of engineering you wish to work in as early as possible so that you can put in the necessary preparation to truly become an expert in your chosen field. Here are just some of the fields of engineering that you could be looking at to see if they suit your skills and wishes.

Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineering is often considered as being in the upper echelons of the engineering world, working at the forefront of technology, seeking to improve and maintain man’s greatest creation, air travel. Some of the greatest engineers in the World work in aerospace and many arrive here after mastering other areas of engineering. People like Anura Perera Raycom’s CEO who began his illustrious career in construction working for Caterpillar before turning his hand to shipbuilding engineering before beginning his aerospace firm, he is now a successful engineer and businessman alike who also has philanthropic endeavors. It is talented people like Anura that you will be working with if you decide on a career in aerospace.

Civil Engineering

Civil engineering centers around construction of structures, buildings, bridges, vehicles and everything in between, it is the most popular of all engineering fields and within it has several sub-categories for further specialization. If you decide on a career in civil engineering then you can specialize in anything from architecture to earthquake engineering, structural engineering to geotechnical engineering, many of the disciplines use similar skills so once you enter the world of civil engineering you have countless options ahead of you.

Software Engineering

Software engineering is currently one of the fastest growing branches of engineering, if you have ability when it comes to computing then this could be the way forward for you. Over the last 30 years computers and the software that they use as changed dramatically, sometimes in the course of just weeks and months and this fast moving field of engineering is where some of the smartest brains in the World are currently working. To form a career in software engineering you will need to study computer science and constantly keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening in the world of technology, you can specialize in many different types of software whether it be phones, computers, tablets or big data, there are countless opportunities within the World of software engineering. This is a great branch of engineering to get into now as it will only continue to grow in the coming decades.

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