Which is the Right Career for Your Intelligent Mind

Being blessed with intelligence is a gift and a curse, on one hand you have an ability that few have, the ability to learn at speed, retain knowledge, formulate thoughts and search for answers where there are none. On the other hand there is a lot of pressure placed on your shoulders from peers, teachers and family to make the most of your gift when it comes to your career and deciding on a career can be difficult with so much pressure. It is important therefore that you study many careers and see which one fits with your capabilities, your attributes and more importantly your characteristics. If you want a career that matches the intelligence that you have then are some for your considerations.


Being a lawyer will give you the perfect opportunity to put your high intelligence to use, not only will you need to study incredibly hard and to a high level in order to gain your position as a lawyer, but once you pass the bar you will be tested daily and you will need to show a higher level of thinking in order to win your cases. To become a top lawyer it is important that you gain a position in one of the US’s top law schools, people like JD Dukes who attended Duke university know the benefit of good education having gone on to become a successful lawyer himself. Lawyers must be hard working, persuasive and be able to absorb large amounts of information in a short space of time, the perfect career for an intelligent mind.


Being an engineer is perfect for those with a creatively intelligent brain, engineers create almost all that you see around you and they are some of the World’s smartest people. Engineering requires strong ability in science and math and you need to have the highest rates possible if you wish to follow a career in engineer. There are countless branches of engineering that you can enter into depending on your abilities. As an engineer you will be forced to think differently in order to innovate and design, you will need to work as part of a team and in adherence with strict deadlines.


The top of the tree for those who are intelligent and scientifically minded, being a doctor is one of the most sought after professions in the World and one that only a few have the ability to do. To be a doctor you must be incredibly studious and set yourself very high expectations, your hands will essentially control life and death and as such you must become a master of the human body. You will be required as a doctor to store a huge amount of information in your head, you will need to be fast thinking and be able to understand the operations of the human body. There are several areas that you can specialize in and as your career progresses you can hone in on these areas and become an expert should you work hard enough.

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