About Steve Liefschultz and Equity Bank

Equity Bank is a locally managed and owned bank started by Steve Lieschultz. They have friendly opening hours so that people should be able to visit them in person. Their specialization is in real estate loans and investment lines of credit. They also employ some of the biggest experts in the world of banking today. As a result, customers are able to get the personalized service they are entitled to in order to make better investment decisions and become more successful entrepreneurs.

Dedication to Customers

Steve Liefschultz is committed to offering services that his customers are actually looking for. This is why a new service has been opened at the Claremont branch of the bank. Here, customers who have real estate, agricultural or other business needs specific to South East Minnesota can have the best possible service.

Equity Bank wants to make sure that people are able to make the right kinds of investments. They believe that their investment is in the knowledge and abilities of their customers. When the business of their customers grows, their own one grows as well. This is why anyone is encouraged to come speak to Equity Bank as soon as possible.

Mobile Banking

A new service that is being offered by the bank is Mobile Banking. This works on iOS and Android powered devices. The app is available for a free download from both the App Store and Google Play. The app will only work, however, for those who are already Equity Bank Online Customer status. Those who are not enrolled in online banking can do so over the telephone or by visiting their local branch.

Credit Card Program

Another exciting new feature is the credit card program. Equity Bank has signed up to the Elan Credit Card program and customers can apply for a Visa Consumer or Business credit card online. The account, once accepted, can be fully viewed online as well.

Instant Cash

Equity Bank has also joined with the Instant Cash Surcharge Free Network. This means that customers can withdraw money for free from selected ATM machines.

FDIC Insurance

Finally, Equity Bank is fully protected by FDIC insurance. FDIC – the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation – was set up in 1933. Its aim was to ensure that if people made deposits to failed banks, they would be insured against this. Additionally, this was believed to ensure the banking system of this country would continue to operate properly. While a government agency, the FDIC is fully independent. Since 1933, they have responded to thousands of different cases in which banks failed their customers. Every deposit of thrifts and banks has been fully protected to date. As such, customers are encouraged to sign up for FDIC deposit insurance so that they know exactly what it can and cannot do for them. The fact that Equity Bank recognizes FDIC shows the quality of the bank and the trust consumers can have in putting their money and investments with this bank.

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